Golden Fire, Cigar with pure Gold

DeLafée presents the finest hand-rolled Dominican cigar wrapped in gold leaf. This luxury gift is presented in an engraved stainless-steel tube. The tube can be used as a luxurious accessory with any cigar.
DeLafée golden cigar gift is presented in an elegant gift box.
Gold and cigars have been universal symbols of power and success for centuries. By combining both DeLafée takes the impact to a completely new level.
Let gold be the ambassador of your success...
This cigar is crafted with a rich blend of Dominican grown tobacco for a wonderful flavor. It is hand-rolled and delivers a nice, bold flavor that the discriminating smoker is sure to enjoy.
The cigar is a 100% Dominican filler hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic. It offers a smooth smoke with character.
Size of the cigar: 17cm / 6.7 inches length, 18mm / 0.7 inches diameter.