Golden Champagne

DeLafée`s Golden Bubbles is a Swiss sparkling wine Rosé Brut with edible gold. DeLafée`s Golden Bubbles will add unforgettable magic and luxury to your events.
This wine is made exclusively from Pinot Noir from the Neuchatel Region in Western Switzerland. It has a light to medium body with an aroma reminiscent of black cherry, raspberry or currant. DeLafée Golden Bubbles is a sparkling wine with a voluptuous flavor and a sweet edge and sparkling edible gold flakes. This wine is perfect for romantic occasions, like weddings, but also for luxurious festivities, like ceremonies, openings, anniversaries or other special events.
Serve at temperature between 6 – 8 °C.
DeLafée`s Golden Bubbles come in two size bottles: 0.375 liter and
0.75 liter.