DeLafée`s Golden Tea "Golden Harmony"

Golden Tea "Golden Harmony"
“Golden Harmony” is a beautifully hand-crafted artisan green tea with pure edible gold. This tea is composed of fresh, young green tea leaves and buds, hand-tied with three stunning flowers - yellow lily, white jasmine and pink amaranth.
DeLafée`s “Golden Harmony” offers a delicate and naturally sweet flavor without bitterness. After placing one tea-ball into a glass tea pot the flowers will open and the gold will disperse into the magic beverage.
For best results, place one ball directly into a glass tea pot (without the infuser), brew in hot water (80 to 85 degrees centigrade is perfect) for at least five minutes and until the flowers have opened and the gold has dispersed. Once brewed, pour directly into a cup and enjoy!
Store in a cool, dry place.
Chinese green tea, lily flower, jasmine flowers and amaranth flower, edible gold.
Net weight: 4 tea balls 25grams.