Magazine january 2010

DeLafee opens in Baku
December 16th, 2009 marked the official launch and opening of the Swiss Company DeLafee in Azerbaijan which was held at the Excelsior Hotel and there, guests were presented with DeLafee’s Luxury Chocolates collection. The delectable range combines two of the most luscious and sensual pleasures in the world: the finest Swiss chocolate and edible gold. For centuries, gold has been used in culinary creations across the word for its esthetic qualities, symbolic power and also for its alleged magical properties.
Delafee creates unique and epicurean products adorned with edible gold. Delafee’s creations make beautiful, unforgettable and highly symbolic luxury gifts to express love, passion or success.
The Edible Gold collection includes:
Golden Heart Lolli - The finest strawberry flavoured lollipop with edible gold. Presented in a brown gift envelope, it makes an unforgettable luxury gift for romantic occasions Luxury Cigar- A hand-rolled Dominican cigar wrapped in gold leaf. This unique gift is presented in an engraved stainless-steel tube. The tube can be used as an accessory with any cigar Golden champagne - DeLafée`s ‘Golden Bubbles’ is a Swiss sparkling wine Rosé Brut with edible gold. DeLafée`s ‘Golden Bubbles’ will add unforgettable magic and luxury to your events Golden Tea - ‘Golden Harmony’ is a beautifully hand-crafted artisan green tea with pure edible gold. This tea is composed of fresh, young green tea leaves and buds, hand-tied with three stunning flowers - yellow lily, white jasmine and pink amaranth. Edible Gold - DeLafée`s edible gold shines on your culinary creations. Edible gold is totally safe when ingested and is famous for its non-allergenic properties. Both the European Union and United States authorise the use of gold to decorate food products.